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Surprising Savings Spur Water Conservation: More Beer, Less Water

Posted by eficienciahidrica em 2010/07/22

A May 2010 study entitled “Unlocking the Profit in Water Savings” found that water conservation is set to become a top priority for most companies over the next few years.

According to the study, which was conducted by Ethical Corporation (an independent organization that focuses on business sustainability and environmental responsibility), 99 percent of the business managers surveyed ranked water conservation as a “top five” priority over the next decade, with 52 percent already ranking it as one of their top priorities at the moment.

The study’s authors also believe that many major corporations will be inspired to put more focus on water conservation because it can create significant cost savings.

The researchers interviewed managers at such major international corporations as Kraft, Coca-Cola, Shell Oil, and IBM.

“Many companies [were] surprised that the water savings surpassed estimates once water conservation projects were put into place,” says Candace Lombardi, a member of the CNET Blog Network.

One of the examples cited was Sainsbury’s, a UK chain that includes more than 500 supermarkets and 335 convenience stores.

The company saved approximately $2.4 million annually by simply fixing leaks and installing water-conserving toilets and urinals.

Installing just one waterless urinal can save approximately 40,000 gallons of water per year, yielding considerable savings in water-related expenses.

Many manufacturers also use huge volumes of water to produce their products.

A U.K. Miller brewing company has reduced the amount of water it uses to make a quarter gallon of beer to less than one gallon–better than the industry standard. They plan to further reduce this amount by about 20 percent in the next few years.

“Better management of water and water conservation are simply smart moves,” says Klaus Reichardt, CEO and Founder of Waterless Co. “Not only does it promote sustainability, the cost savings are too significant to be overlooked.”

Fonte: http://www.waterefficiency.net/the-latest/beer-conservation-savings.aspx

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